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New Cake Design "Hannah"

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We are trying to stay positive and productive during lockdown, and have worked on this new cake design. Please meet "Hannah".

We know that when weddings resume again, they will likely be smaller, more intimate celebrations. This means that we've been working on a few single and two-tier cake designs to showcase when we are next able to showcase in public. Just because your wedding isn't exactly what you planned doesn't mean it should be any less extraordinary. After all, if you are marrying your best friend with the support of you loved ones that's amazing and should be celebrated.

This particular design is both minimalist and eye catching, with a statement central sugar dahlia framed by some elegant eucalyptus. This would feed 40-50 people, and as with all of our cakes can be fully customised in both flavour and colour and style. We can't wait to see you all, hopefully soon, and in the meantime we hope you are all staying safe at home with your loved ones.

With love,


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