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Private Cake Basics class

Private Cake Basics class


This class is the perfect introduction to baking and decorating. If you have ever admired professionally iced cakes and been curious to make your own, then this is the class for you.


This class is the place to start if you would like to create professional looking cakes. Maybe you're just starting out, or want to perfect your technique. Whatever your struggles are, a 1:1 class is perfect to answer all your questions in plenty of time. 


This class covers: baking a vanilla sponge, levelling, filling and icing, and some simple decorative techniques.


It includes how to make Meringue Buttercream and chocolate ganache from scratch, so that you can confidently make it yourself at home.


It also includes icing the cake with Sugarpaste, getting rid of any air bubbles and achieving a clean attractive finish, icing the board for a professional standard. There will be lots of tips along the way, and as much help and advice as you need.


Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Classes are approximately 5 hours, and we will email you with possible dates once your booking is finalised. Your booking is valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


All ingredients and equipment, including transport boxes for your macarons are provided, you do not need to bring anything with you.

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