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3 reasons why I don't offer buttercream cakes in the summer

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Summer screams fruit and flowers, right? Here’s why you might want to reconsider.

As a wedding cake maker, I know you see cakes on Pinterest all the time that have that scraped-back look with beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers. These semi-naked cakes are a trend that (in my opinion) is way past its expiration date.

I think that so much time, effort, and resources go into planning a wedding, that wedding cakes should become part of your on-the-day decor and get their moment in the spotlight. If your cake looks like everyone else’s semi-naked cake then it’s doing the bare minimum.

Wedding cakes are a reflection of you, your relationship, your personalities, and they are symbolic as the start of your journey as a married couple. It’s often the last thing that happens on your wedding day, and the first thing you do together after saying “I do”. So why settle for what you’ve seen done a hundred times?

Asking your cake maker for a semi-naked cake is like asking a dress maker not to finish the stitching, or a florist not to condition your flowers. It's a half-finished product.

So here are 3 reasons why I don't offer semi-naked cakes in the summer months:

1. Buttercream isn't heat-stable

Think of a block of butter left out on your counter all day during a lovely summer day. Chances are, that block will quickly become a puddle!

The same thing can happen to your cake. We all hear horror stories of cakes falling over, or slanting and sliding on a hot day, and - although this has never happened to me - as of 2023, I will no longer be offering semi-naked cakes between May - September.

Semi-naked cakes in particular lack the support and structure of a full coating, which makes them more prone not only to drying out but to losing their integrity over the course of the day.

Yes, even if your venue has air-conditioning.

2. Flowers don't stay fresh all day

Although this time of year is wonderful for the most delicious fruit and the most vibrant flowers, this is not the time to put them on your cake.

Often, your florist will be wonderful and leave water for your bouquets to refresh in, and table arrangements will come with some form of hydration. However, cake flowers are carefully sealed and taped to make sure that they aren’t in contact with food, and this can shorten the time where they look their very best. Even the freshest flowers will start looking a bit sad and wilted after 8-10 hours without water.

Likewise, berries might start being a bit squishy and sticky by the time photos come around. Some berries are more resilient than others, and all fruit can definitely be glazed in a way that lengthens the lifespan, but my preference is always sugar flowers and berries.

These not only look great all day, but can be stored as a keepsake from your special celebration.

3. Bugs are not delicious

The combination of sweet-smelling fruit and flowers, and sticky, sweet buttercream, can cause a real fly problem.

This is particularly important if your venue is outdoors, but having windows open at your gorgeous manor house is the perfect avenue for those flying menaces to make their way into your venue. And from there, stick to your cake!

Often, your cake will be delivered the morning of your wedding, 6-10 hours before you get to have that perfect cake-cutting moment. Which is why I always recommend a sturdier finish for your summer wedding cake.

Trust a professional

So many factors go into the perfect wedding cake design, and although it can feel like a “simple design” like a semi-naked cake shouldn’t be a problem, my job as your cake maker is to make sure you get the best possible experience and most delicious cake.

So you don’t have to worry about any of it on your big day.

If you're eager to get started with someone who wants your wedding cake to do the most for you on your wedding day, get in touch here to get the ball rolling.

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