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3 reasons to choose a round wedding cake

Looking back at the 2021 Wedding Season, and ahead to all the beautiful designs that I am making in 2022-2023, it's hard to pick favourites. There was the 4-tier baby blue design for E&B, and the gorgeous outdoor set up for my semi-naked design at Cowdray Walled Garden, and the cute little cat cake toppers for my delivery at Upwaltham Barns.

But there is one thing they all have in common. So here are 3 reasons why round wedding cakes are my favourite.

The design I'm showing here is "Grace", who was personalised for A&R's wedding in November 2020. She is 2 tiers of cake, with classic white sugar paste and a showstopping sugar bow hand-painted in shades of ivory and rust. This design was perfect for a touch of glam at an intimate wedding.

  1. They are timeless

Round wedding cakes are classic.

Although the trend is forever for taller, sharper cakes, the round shape is always in fashion. You don't have the risk of looking back on your wedding and thinking "that was so 2020".

Similarly, there's plenty to personalise on a round cake, as they really are perfect for any style from a flower cascade to silk bows and monograms. We can personalise your cake by matching your wedding flowers, stationery, or even by bringing in aspects of your dress like pearls or lace. A simple design can become unique to you by personalising it.

You want to choose a wedding cake designer who will work with you and your vision for your day. This way, your perfect cake design will come to life.

2. They look good from all angles

Although of course all cakes have a front side that we would like to photograph, round cakes are so versatile. For this design, the full central sugar bow was just as striking from the front as the back.

This also means that your guests have more opportunities to admire your cake, which is why I always recommend putting your cake either in a high traffic area (the entrance hall always works well) or in the centre of your reception room.

In this case, the cake was displayed in the barn entrance at Crabapple Barns, with a beautiful neon backdrop by To Have and to Hire and pampas by Bohotanical.

As part of the Cakes in Bloom experience we work with your other suppliers to help integrate your cake seamlessly into your aesthetic.

3. They are the perfect blank canvas

Round cakes are unfussy. They're elegant and understated, and just waiting for their decoration. It's like putting on a gorgeous gown for a special occasion. When starting with a symmetrical round cake it's difficult that a design won't look graceful.

Perfect in their simplicity, round cakes are so versatile. Dress them up or down, they are versatile for any occasion. You can see plenty of examples of round cakes in my gallery here.

For your free discovery call with me, or to discuss your cake dreams in detail, you can book a time and date that suits you here.

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