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Why I love square wedding cakes

With a new wedding season soon to be upon us, I thought I'd talk about one of the wedding cake trends that is making a comeback: square wedding cakes.

The design I'm showing here is "Megan", who was personalised for A&R's wedding in October 2020. She is 3 tiers of cake, buttercream, and ganache, generously decorated for an impactful centrepiece for an intimate wedding.

I thought she would be the perfect cake to showcase why I love square wedding cakes.

1. Symmetry and skill

Square cakes are, in general, the most challenging cakes to create. The measurements need to be even more precise, the corners even sharper, and the ratio of each tier is even more crucial to creating a look that is elegant and not clunky.

I find that even-number tiers are better suited to a square cake, so "Megan" here is a 4", 6", and 8" cake. I believe that making that top tier taller than it is wide (and all my cakes are at least 5.5") really adds some elegance and grace to a design like this.

There's also nowhere to hide with a square cake. If your corners are rounded, or the sides of your cake are slanting, or the top of your cake isn't completely level, it will really show. This is why it's crucial to employ a qualified cake maker to make your wedding cake. And although these things apply to round cakes too, square cakes are less forgiving, and no amount of decoration will hide a shoddy seam.

An increase in the amount of work and skill that square cakes require does come with a higher cost, however. So this is something important to keep in mind when talking to us about your cake design. Remember that peace of mind that your cake will not only be stunning but also structurally intact is priceless.

2. Modern and unconventional

Although square cakes are gaining popularity, they are still very much in the minority. However, the unconventional shape makes for a bold showstopper that is bound to have your guests and loved ones talking. And really, cake is the last taste of your wedding before your family and friends go home, so why not make it memorable?

Increasingly, the trend is towards geometric designs, tall cakes, and sharp edges. Square cakes are perfect for the modern, untraditional wedding, while still maintaining the elegance and timelessness of a classic cake. And because they're already so unique, they really don't need elaborate decoration to come to life: although "Megan" looks intricately decorated, she's only crowned by 4 sugar flowers. And by matching the sugar flowers to your bouquet and the other elements of your day, you can easily create something that seamlessly fits in with the rest of your day. You can find my top tips to creating a cohesive wedding theme here.

3. Make an impact

For many couples, it's important that their personality is reflected in all aspects of their day, from the flowers to the accessories to the wedding favours. Square cakes definitely have personality of their own, but are also perfect blank canvases on which to add your story. "Megan" here is decorated with a personalised edible print and hand painted watercolour to match the bride's favourite flowers and colours.

Personally, I love an asymmetrical design like this one, because it doesn't overpower the elegant lines of the square tiers while also providing a lot of height and drama. But just as with any wedding cake, the design process is tailored to you so that your vision can come to life. Flower cascades, stencils, and even "no decoration just a topper" are all valid ways of bringing your personal style to any cake design.

For your free discovery call with me, or to discuss your cake dreams in detail, you can book a time and date that suits you here.

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