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3 ways to style your dessert table

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A dessert table is an interactive experience for your guests, and should be styled as part of your table lay out. Think of it as an extension of your seating plan, and incorporate elements from your tablescape for a classy and seamless look.

So many times we see cake shoved in a corner, on a white tablecloth by the fire escape.

Your cake deserves better!

I get it, it can feel like one more thing to plan and coordinate and decorate. "Just for cake". Agreed. Weddings take a lot of planning and styling, but if a wedding cake is the most extravagant dessert you’re ever going to have, and you're going to make it an interactive experience for your guests by having a variety of desserts for them to choose from, make sure it gets seen!

So here are 3 ideas to make your dessert table pop:


If you’re using colourful napkins or table runners for your tables, make your cake table part of your wedding experience by using matching accessories on your cake table.

This is a simple addition that shows your guests that every little detail has been thought of. From cheesecloths to ribbon, your stylist will know how to complement your colour scheme with the best accessories.

For this beautiful dessert table at Laughton Barns we used silk by Northern Hands artfully draped by The Elysian Styling Company.


Re-purposing your ceremony flowers for the cake table, by adding them at the base or in bud vases is a great eco-conscious way of making the most of your flowers. After they have been enjoyed during your ceremony, your florist or planner can move them to the reception area, where they get a second opportunity to shine.

This way, the design works seamlessly with your ceremony decor, and you will get some beautiful images that flow throughout your day.

For this beautiful dessert table at The Perch Oxford, the flower arrangement by Lily&Liz that was originally by the welcome sign was moved to the cake table after the welcome drinks were served. A beautiful arrangement that would otherwise have been neglected outside got to be centre stage again!


Cake always gets cut in late in the evening. It's usually the last thing that is done on your wedding day before your guests dance the night away.

So can you add some candles to provide that romantic lighting? Chances are, you're already using candles on your tables, and they're a versatile accessory that adds a lot of warmth and movement to a dessert table.

Top tip: light them in time for photos!

If your venue won’t let you have real flames, there are some excellent LEDs out there that won’t look like Christmas lights gone wrong.

For this outdoor dessert table at Cissbury Barns the lovely handmade sign by High Oak & Co is accented by beautiful candles styled by Hire Societies .

So there you have it - 3 simple things you can do to take your wedding dessert table from basic to beautiful.

Need ideas for your cake table but don’t know where to start? Let’s chat

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