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Chichester-wide Open Day

On Sunday 26th January, we exhibited at our first fayre of 2020. We are lucky enough to have a great relationship with the Chichester Harbour Hotel, where we are recommended cake supplier, and we were very excited to kick start this new year of cake-making.

The atmosphere was incredibly vibrant, and we are so pleased to have met so many couples. Each wedding is truly individual, from those renewing their vows after 20-odd years, to those only having a dozen people for their ceremony. It is always breathtaking to look at these events, and we love helping couples bring their vision for their wedding day to life, whatever that vision may be. We have now contacted everyone who left their details with us, and look forward to a 2020 and a 2021 of many happy moments that we get the honour to be a part of.

Thanks as always to the team at Chichester Harbour Hotel, specially Kate who answered all our odd questions and concerns before the day. Despite the rain, the day was wonderfully attended, so we are also grateful to the Chichester council for advertising it so well.

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