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Guildhall Wedding Fair

We have just returned from a wonderful day at the Chichester Guildhall, who hosted their first ever wedding fair on September 30th 2019. Congratulations to the event organisers for putting together such a thoughtful showcase of local artisans. It was such an honour to be asked to attend and showcase a few designs. We got to meet some amazing people and see some fantastic local artists at work.

Photo by the incredible Helen Cawte Photography

The weather was unyielding and wet and true English September, but this did not deter brides and their families from coming to say hello. We provided chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, which we are sure paired beautifully with the wine that Henning's wine were also offering as tasters.

The atmosphere was lovely, the venue stunning, and the other exhibitors were generous and kind. As the Guildhall is not usually open to the public, it was beautiful to see it all decorated and vibrant. The sun even came out for a minute, and peeked through the windows to give us some glorious lighting.

We are taking a few admin days to catch up and make sure we email everyone who requested additional information. Thank you for your patience, and have a fantastic October!

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