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Meet "Flora"

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

As lockdown starts to ease, and things start moving again, we've been using our time to create those summer designs that we were so excited to showcase this 2020. We hope to still be able to attend Findon Manor wedding showcase on August 30th 2020, where we hope that everyone can meet our newest: "Flora".

So the name might be a little on the nose for this one, but it also has special meaning for us. “Flora” was my nan’s name, and I’ve been thinking of her a lot over quarantine. She passed 4 years ago now, but is never far from my thoughts, and I wanted to honour her with this design. I’m not sure she would have loved it - she was traditional, stern, unyielding, and this cake is whimsical and romantic and alternative. But she taught me to love food, and that food is about love and togetherness, and that seemed very appropriate right now.

Poppies are the flower of peace, and loss, and remembrance. It seemed appropriate with the current worldwide situation to use poppies in our newest design. However, the yellow poppy in particular is also symbol of wealth and success. Someone told me that to survive in this world we need both anger to fuel us and hope to sustain us, and this is what I hope these yellow poppies bring to you today.

Each poppy is lovingly handmade. We do not use cutters or templates, so each petal is uniquely shaped and dusted before assembly. No two poppies are alike, in the same way that no two weddings are alike.

The handmade and bespoke aspect of our sugarcraft means that every cake is customisable down to the last detail. Flowers can be made out of season, in bold colours, to parfectly match the aesthetic of your special day. And of course, all sugarpaste flowers can be kept and stored forever.

We hope to be able to see you soon,


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