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What to expect at a cake consultation

You've enquired with me, and decided that I am the cake maker for you. You've paid the booking fee, and received your samples. So what now?

Now, we set a date and time that works for you to chat cake design. I know that a lot of my clients aren't local, and I always want to make the cake planning process as easy as possible, which is why consultations happen virtually. We use Zoom to arrange a time that works around your schedule.

Cake design consultations are usually 45-60 minutes and happen in 3 parts:

Part 1 - The exciting bit

You tell me all about your day. Everything you're excited for, everything you still have to finalise. This is your chance to gush about your plans to someone who is genuinely interested in making your big day absolutely perfect.

So please do show me your wedding stationery, or samples of your flowers, or even your wedding day attire! I want to see it all!

Part 2 - The delicious bit

Then we talk flavours. Usually by this stage you have received your samples in the post, and have decided on what flavour(s) you would like for your cake.

These don't need to be finalised during your consultation, but I find that most couples have a pretty good idea of what they loved at this stage.

Part 3 - The creative bit

And finally, design. I will often collate a Pinterest board for you, based on any details we spoke about in our emails. I always say that I see more cakes than the general public, and it's my job to show you designs and ideas that you might not have thought of.

The design process is then as custom as you want it to be, and I take all your input to heart to create your perfect cake design.

After your call, you will receive a little summary from me, and a sketch within 2 weeks. Then, of course, we can tweak it until it's the perfect design for you.

Have more questions about the design process? Drop them below!

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