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Chichester At Home

With restaurants and hotels reopening next weekend, things have got a little busier here at Cakes in Bloom. Although wedding receptions are still now allowed, we are sure things will start moving forward, and can't wait to see you all at wedding fayres soon. Our next events are:

Before then we have a few exciting projects, including a rebrand with Jacquie from Bailey&Roo, a course with Lauren Smy from The Honey Bee Wedding Cake Company, and a trip to Italy.

We also go back to catering work next week. This is why our slots for discovery calls and consultations have significantly decreased. Do still get in touch, and we try to get back to everyone same day. There might just be a small delay in getting you booked in. You can still book your sample boxes with us though, to be delivered straight to your door. This way, you can enjoy some of the Cakes in Bloom experience from the comfort of your own home.

Which is actually what today's post is about.

If there's one thing that Covid-19 has been good for, it's been the incredible sense of community that we've built, both with other wedding industry suppliers but also with our local supporters. We were thrilled to partner with Chichester at Home over Father's Day to bring cupcakes and joy to many families in our area.

We have received all sorts of really sweet requests:

A family living in Reading ordered a cake for an 85th birthday in Haslemere. They couldn't visit their loved ones but still wanted to mark the special occasion.

A lovely young woman ordered her mum a mini birthday cake for them to have as part of a socially distanced picnic in their garden.

A mum from Wolverhampton ordered a box of cupcakes for her daughter in Chichester, who is a teacher and has not been able to stay safe at home like so many of us.

We made a 20th anniversary cake for a couple in Tangmere who still wanted to celebrate even though they couldn't host their garden party.

We have supplied cupcakes and cookies to nurses in our local hospital. They even requested a special jumbo box of triple chocolate chip cookies for one particular nurse, whose husband is deployed and who has 1-yr-old twins, but is still pulling 15 hour shifts at St Richards.

We hope this love and support continues after the pandemic, and we can't wait to keep showing up for you. Until then, we hope to keep bringing little bundles of sweetness and joy to you and your families, within Chichester and beyond.

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